Completely customisable. Packed with the latest tools, information & features to promote health, wellbeing and engagement

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The WellbeingZone is a fully white-label product. This means you can add not only your own logo and branding, but also your own company news, benefits and resources.

And if you need something special, our team will develop it for you – see our clients for a range of case studies.

The most flexible, cutting-edge wellbeing platform on the market.

Your branding

Your logo, branding, content and imagery

Your wellbeing

The latest tools & resources to promote engagement & wellbeing

Your content

Publish or edit your own content directly on the platform

Your data

Monthly MI report & business analysis

Your marketing

Marketing & Communication micro-site to promote the platform

Your language

Multilingual-enabled, select your language & timezone

Your own health and wellbeing platform. Exactly as you want it.

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Client Case Study


CABA supports ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) members, their partners, ex-partners, and dependent adults and children with their wellbeing, be it emotional, physical, community, financial or career-related.

CABA are a great example of how regular promotion and strong communication materials can positively impact registration and ongoing engagement with the WellbeingZone. They have a very active, engaged user base that login regularly to use the tools and resources and get the latest updates.

In addition to their custom pages, which bring together an overview and links to offline and other supporting services, CABA regularly use the “company news” feature, allowing them to publish news and updates to members and send out an email prompting members to login to read the full article.

Our clients