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The WellbeingZone is a fully white-label product. This means you can add not only your own logo and branding, but also your own company news, benefits and resources.

And if you need something special, our team will develop it for you – see our clients for a range of case studies.

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Client Case Study

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is responsible for the implementation of the government’s defence policy and is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces.

Working in conjunction with a key partner, Revitalised was asked to build a custom platform for the MOD, with the key focus on providing anonymous access to a wide range of mental and physical wellbeing resources, tools and services, with optional supported advice and guidance provided within the platform by a professional.

This meant developing two levels of anonymous user access, a basic, unsupported, level providing access to generic resources and a second, premium (yet still free to the user) level, with full access to all features, functionality and custom content, developed specifically for the MOD.

A custom admin and support centre was created to make it possible for supporters to provide optional advice and guidance, based on an individual user’s assessment scores and behaviour within the platform.

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