Flexible and feature-rich digital wellbeing solution

The platform

The Revitalised platform is a flexible and feature-rich digital health and wellbeing solution capable of engaging and enabling employees as they set and meet their behaviour change goals.

Our fully customisable platform can be aligned with an organisation’s branding and look-and-feel, slotting seamlessly into a wider employee offering.

Platform features include…

Assessment icon

Comprehensive wellbeing assessment with feedback

Logging and tracking of activities including exercise, food, weight and sleep

Goal setting and virtual badges as rewards

Syncs with popular third-party wearables

Customisable challenges can be implemented in partnership with client organisations

Health and wellbeing content produced in-house, curated from authoritative sources

We offer marketing support to help engage users, with monthly content packs and seasonal challenges to stimulate use of the platform. Usage data is available to clients in a Management Information portal and we also provide a content calendar to help you schedule your own health and wellbeing initiatives.

Our permanent development team means we can be responsive to an organisation’s needs, creating bespoke features to establish a platform perfectly aligned with your health and wellbeing strategies.

Three tiers – Standard, Pro and Premium – mean that we have a solution for all budgets, from SMEs to global multinationals.