We have some amazing clients, here are some of their stories

Our clients

We work with a variety of organisations around the world. Many use our Standard platform – the WellbeingZone – while our development team has built customised versions to meet other clients’ specific needs.

In May 2019, the platform we developed with Unilever was named as winner of the “Outstanding Contribution by an Employer to Workplace Health and Wellbeing” title in the Society of Occupational Medicine Awards.

Other well-known clients include Vodafone, the Ministry of Defence and Royal Mail Group.


Case studies:

Virgin Care

Caring for the team who cares for others. A custom approach.

Virgin Care provides front line NHS and social care services across the country and, since 2006, has treated more than 5 million people. Their aim is to deliver healthcare in a more innovative way that focuses not only on the clinical outcome, but also every patient’s experience of care.

In order to support their employees in what can be challenging roles requiring physical, mental and emotional resilience, Virgin Care asked us to customize the WellbeingZone to meet their specific needs.

This involved:

  • Homepage featuring distinctive Virgin Care branding
  • User dashboard highlighting the Virgin Care custom content and features
  • Three custom wellbeing assessments regarding the mind, body and community
  • Custom content promoting company support, advice and benefits related to wellbeing
  • Four-module, specially commissioned “my mind” e-learning course, helping employees to work on positivity, resilience, strengths and flow and mindset
  • Positive affirmation of the day

The custom elements of the site have been integrated with existing features and content libraries, allowing users to benefit from the logbook and tracking tools, exercise and recipes libraries and the continually updated multi-media health and fitness content stream.

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is responsible for the implementation of the government’s defence policy and is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces.

Working in conjunction with a key partner, Revitalised was asked to build a custom platform for the MOD, with the key focus on providing anonymous access to a wide range of mental and physical wellbeing resources, tools and services, with optional supported advice and guidance provided within the platform by a professional.

This meant developing two levels of anonymous user access, a basic, unsupported, level providing access to generic resources and a second, premium (yet still free to the user) level, with full access to all features, functionality and custom content, developed specifically for the MOD.

A custom admin and support centre was created to make it possible for supporters to provide optional advice and guidance, based on an individual user’s assessment scores and behaviour within the platform.

Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is the UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities with a six days a week service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

The Royal Mail has been working hard to promote wellbeing at work as well as ensuring it supports individuals with mental or physical health problems and provides practical support. The WellbeingZone, rebranded as “FeelingFirstClass”, has been part of this process. With the approval of the two major Unions, CWU and Unite, and input from employees, an online Stress Tool was added to their platform.

The Stress Tool is a short online questionnaire completed anonymously. Feedback is provided to users on seven different categories, ranging from control in the way a job is carried out to manager and peer support, with specific advice on how and where to get more help if it is required.

In addition to providing support and advice to specific users, the anonymous, collated results are provided to the Royal Mail to enable them to understand health trends across the business and to design programmes or interventions to support employees’ health.

There is also a range of articles with specific advice relating to Royal Mail wellbeing services in a specially-created “Toolkit” section within the platform.


We also serve hundreds of smaller organisations, including many NHS trusts, local councils and universities.

With more than 250,000 (and rising) registered users for the platform, we are committed to a programme of continuous improvement - working with our clients to find the right way forward for them.

Can we help?

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