Demonstrating the importance of health and wellbeing at work to promote employee engagment

Speaking Engagements & Events

As thought-leaders in health and wellbeing we are frequently asked to participate in events, often to illustrate how a digital solution can boost employee engagement and influence positive lifestyle decisions.

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BIFM London Region Annual Conference 2017

The BIFM London Region conference brings together a range of thought-provoking speakers to challenge and inform delegates.
This year’s theme – wellbeing – sees speakers from England Rugby, Active, Restaurant Associates and others discuss how to bring wellbeing into the workplace through training and development, design, food and management.

Using technology to support employee engagement, health and wellbeing.

Andy Reynolds, founder of Revitalised, examines how employers can drive engagement to support employees and their families to develop healthy habits that benefit them, their employer and society as a whole – and the increasing importance of digital technology in this process.

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Using Technology to Support Employee Engagement, Health & Wellbeing

St John Ambulance : Innovation In Workplace Health & Wellbeing Summit 2016

Driving A Workplace Re-Think: Becoming a Leader in Employee Mental and Physical Wellbeing for Stronger Staff & Stronger ROI

Data & Digital Platforms: Using Technology to Support Employee Engagement, Health & Wellbeing

  • The value of health engagement technology for employers and employees
  • Designing a health engagement platform that drives adoption: what goes in there?
  • Platform roll-out: challenges and best-practices
  • Protecting both personal and corporate legal rights
  • Keeping an eye on ROI
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The Obesity Conference and Exhibition

Obesity Conference and Exhibition

“ Listening to Andrew Reynolds discuss the use of digital technology in health services was the most beneficial aspect of the conference.” Feedback form post-event.

Experts have predicted that by the year 2020, one third of the United Kingdom population could be obese, with the number of obese adults expected to have risen by 11 million in 2030. These rising levels of obesity are a major challenge to public health, resulting in a predicted 668,000 additional cases  of diabetes, 461,000 cases of heart disease and stroke, and 130,000 cases of cancer. These numbers represent a £2 billion increase in medical costs for obesity related illnesses. The cost of obesity to the NHS now exceeds the estimated cost of ill health due to smoking (£3.3bn) and alcohol (3.3bn), making  it ever more important that we work together to find lasting solutions to this growing epidemic.

The objective of the Obesity Conference and Exhibition was to provide insight into how we can effectively address this issue:

  • Causes – Why has obesity risen to unprecedented levels, and how do modern lifestyles make it difficult to stay fit and healthy?
  • Dangers – What are dangers of being overweight or obese, and how do these impact on public services?
  • Solutions – How can public and private organisations work together to create real change in combating obesity?

An unique opportunity to hear presentations by leading experts in the field, quiz keynote speakers in exciting panel discussions, discover products that could help create lasting solutions to the obesity epidemic, and network with specialists in the field.

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Why the Future of Wellness is Digital: Reaching the Next Generation at Work

Company wellness initiatives face 3 key challenges today: Delivery, Engagement & Data.

This session illustrated how a well-structured digital wellness strategy can be the solution and why in today’s world it should be considered an essential part of a multi-channel, wide- reaching, inclusive wellness strategy.

Selected carefully and implemented well, a digital wellness platform can reach a diverse audiences across multiple locations:

  • It can provide the support of a community, and the privacy of a one-to-one consultation.
  • Content can be tailored to meet different needs, either at a management level or via an individual’s usage and selection.
  • And it can be measured. Not at an individual level, but via anonymous group data.
  • In addition to the standard wellbeing criteria, with digital you can measure such as goals achieved, weight lost, cigarettes smoked, miles walked.

Of course, digital is not the ONLY solution, but in today’s world it should be considered an essential part of a multi-channel, wide-reaching, inclusive wellness strategy.

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Why the future of wellness is digital

Health @ Work Summit 2016

The aim of the summit was to present an overview of the current national policies and initiatives in relation to workforce health, the cost of absenteeism and stress-related absence, as well as presenteeism.

The event also tackled mental and physical health challenges; the importance of happiness and purpose in the workplace; and the benefits and techniques of mindfulness.

The seminar presented by Andy Reynolds of Revitalised discussed the the theme “Why the future of wellness is digital” and focused on the following 3 key points for managers:

  • Delivery, engagement & data: 3 key challenges for company wellness initiatives
  • Why digital is an essential part of a multi-channel, wide-reaching, inclusive strategy
  • Tracking and measuring success
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