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Revitalised Company Challenge Results

Did you feel the earth move?!

Challenges, Events

Some of our clients have been using Wellbeing Challenges to engage their employees and get them involved in the WellbeingZone – and we just noticed an impressive statistic…

In the last few months alone, there has been more than 200 million steps logged by our clients – which is equivalent to walking around the circumference of the earth 3.5 times, roughly speaking!

What’s really great though is that it’s not just about activity. As a consequence, we’re seeing usage increase across the board in all the different areas of the platform – showing that wellbeing really can help to engage the disengaged and help create a positive healthy culture in an organization.


Virgin Care staff love the WellbeingZone!

Product Launch

It was  a lovely surprise to receive the Employee Benefits newsletter today to see a Revitalised client made the top spot!

Virgin Care have announced an impressive 10% take up of their custom-built version of the WellbeingZone (called MyWellness), just 3 months after official launch. The launch was supported by great internal communications and ongoing registration and engagement will be strongly promoted through the use of platform features such as Company Challenges.

Read the article published in Employee Benefits, and take a look at our Virgin Care case study for more information on the project to customise the platform just for them.