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We are Revitalised

Revitalised have created a powerful, flexible and responsive health and wellbeing platform capable of engaging and enabling your employees to set and achieve their behaviour change goals.
A comprehensive lifestyle assessment identifies a range of areas where individuals can improve their health and wellbeing - including exercise, food intake, weight, mood, smoking and alcohol. Integration with the most-popular wearables makes this as easy as possible for users.
Progress can be monitored and challenges can be implemented to help keep users motivated and engaged.

The platform

Wellbeing Assessment and Logbook

We are flexible

The flexible, customisable nature of the platform means that you can add your company's news, content and benefits – and it can fully support your organisation’s branding and imagery.
If you need something created specifically for your organisation, our full-time development team can help with customised additions to precisely meet your needs.
Part of the multinational MAXIMUS group, we are trusted by organisations such as Unilever, Vodafone, Royal Mail Group and the Ministry of Defence to supply custom wellbeing portals.

Our clients

Fully customisable, full-time development team

We provide insight

Our data analytics platform provides clients multiple ways in which to interrogate your health data, helping you derive meaningful insights from your population in seconds.
Data from: health assessments, content analytics, user demographics and wearables, as well as benchmarking data we can include from our own platform, will provide you with a rich view of your community that you are unlikely to have seen before. This this will help you to drive your health and wellbeing strategies and open new possibilities for new approaches to well-being.

Marketing support and Data driven

We have clinical expertise
We can work with you

As part of the global MAXIMUS Group and with a sister company in occupational health, we have access to hundreds of medical professionals who know what good health & wellbeing looks like.
Our team offer comprehensive marketing and communications support to help you engage your audience, including toolkits for the implementation of the website and for user challenges.
With a range of options to suit different organisations, we’re confident we can find the right solution for your employees and your budget.
Global implementations of the platform are also possible, with multilingual versions so each team can view the site in their local language.

foot of healthy food

Can we help?

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, and how we could help you support your team’s health and wellbeing, please get in touch.

We’d love to arrange a product demo via webinar or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in person.